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Manifesto of the New Economy

Institutions and Business Models of the Digital Society

Online Utopia

Grigory Tarasevich. Expert
Alexander Dolgin, HSE Professor and the creator of “Imhonet” recommender portal believes that information technology is drastically changing classical laws of the market. In the new economy a club, that is, a community of people united for the common good, will be the key concept. As a result, we will spend less time searching for best products and services and even post-payment might be possible

Time Accountance
"AST" has published "Manifesto of the New Economy. The Second Invisible Hand of the Market" by Alexander Dolgin, Director of Imhonet recommender portal, HSE Professor. The author believes that the new economy is, above all, the economy of personal time. The most significant tool for its optimization is clubs: communities of different interests. Quality of life of a particular person depends on people around him and the nature of their interaction.

Money can buy happiness

Andrey Arkhangelskiy. Ogonyok
Alexander Dolgin has issued his new book "Manifesto of the New Economy. The Second Invisible Hand of the Market": the philosopher believes that "second" money will save our culture while creators will be evaluated not with the number of editions or distributions, but the "quantity of the audience’s happiness"

In view of the release of “Manifesto of the New Economy. The Second Invisible Hand of the Market” RIA Novosti hosted the discussion with the participation of Professor Lev Yakobson, Doctor of Economics, First Deputy Rector of Higher School of Economics; Professor Alexander Auzan, Doctor of Economics, Head of Chair of Applied Institutional Economics of Moscow State University, President of National Project Institute-Social Contract; and Professor Alexander Dolgin, Head of Chair of Pragmatics of Culture of Higher School of Economics, Manager of Imhonet portal of recommendations.