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The book «The Economics of Symbolic Exchange»

The book «The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» was published twice in Russia: in 2006 and 2007. The first Russian edition under the license Creative Commons (obeying certain rules of this license one can copy the text)

«The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» was published in 2008 in publishing house Springer. It was certified by US Congress Library. The book was sold in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, England, China, India, Japan, Thailand, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and other countries.

«The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» is actually not one but three books in one. The first profile is researching. The second one is scientific systematization. The third, and presumably most important one is creating and building institutes.»
Alexander Auzan, Head of Applied Institutional
Economics, Moscow State University

… As an appendix to the text is the most professional depiction of the economics of today`s music business among all existing in Russian

Boris Barabanov. Businessman /The Kommersant
He explains in details how ratings are made and what the real price of Louis Vuitton suitcase is. Just think, if you have overspent 200$, do you really feel this worth happier?

Ksenia Chudinova. Time Out

The book looks fundamental but actually this is not heavy at all. Dolgin is a very clever and competent teller that can carry his readers with his thoroughness, ardor and wit … Dolgin is a unique person. If there were a lot of Dolgins, we would be living in Great Britain, not in Russia.

Lev Danilkin. Afisha
Dolgin intersperses his thoughts with what seems to be scattered under our feet, however so far no one has got an idea to investigate this everyday economics systematically. This could be because the author looks at it with the eyes of a consumer and not an economist

Maya Kucherskaya. Vedomosty

Avarads and Media coverage

«The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» – is a prize winner in «Best Book of the Year» awards in 2006 in «Best Business Literature Edition». It is on the list of recommended books for Russsian students of a number of institutes (Russian Academy of Government Service under Russian Federation President, Moscow and St.Petersburg State Universities, etc.). The book was bought by Culture Administration and Training Centers for culture men in different regions of Russia, also by all Federal and National libraries in Russia and CIS.

About 10 TV programs, 70 articles in principal media and 90 publications in regional editions were devoted to the book


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