A book by Alexander Dolgin

Manifesto of the New Economy

Institutions and Business Models of the Digital Society


Alexander Borisovich

  • Head of the internet recommender portal -
  • Professor, Head of Cultural Pragmatics Department of Moscow State School of Economics
  • Head of group of companies


  • Moscow Institute of Steel and Alligation, Physics and Chemistry Faculty graduate, Candidate of Technical Science (1987)
  • Professor of Economics in Moscow State School of Economics since 2003

Scientific interests

  • Economics and Institutional economics of informational markets, culture industries, clubs, copyright
  • history and theory of informal institutes
  • computer science, social internet webs investigation

Project activity

Alexander Dolgin is not only a researcher and analyst but a businessman who implements new business models on the Internet. What he projected and described in «The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» is greatly realized in recommender portal used by about 600 000 people.


Author of more than 300 scientific and popular articles including the book «The Economics of Symbolic Exchange» published in Russia and abroad. It was certified by US Congress Library. The book was sold in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, England, China, India, Japan, Thailand, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and other countries.